Diluting #Dysphoria

I am a bit new to Twitter having only given it any serious consideration as a platform in the past week, and over the course of this period of time, I have been noticing an interesting and somewhat worrying trend on the anti-trans rights side of things. There are a group of individuals who are…

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You’ve got a Match!

It’s been a while since I last shared my thoughts and experiences on these pages. A full month without a post has passed. Sorry about that, I haven’t really felt myself for the better part of six weeks. My hormone levels have been out of bounds ever since my procedure at the end of June.…

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Cracking the Door

It’s a strange thing to not immediately recognize myself in the mirror. It’s weirder still to give myself a double take as I slowly realize… oh wait, that’s me! It’s an odd sensation being among those whom are supposedly like me, my peers, my friends, my brothers. They talk like me, they look like me,…

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