The Next Chapter

When I started this blog I did so with the intent to inform and educate, instead, it largely became an outlet for me whenever I had a bad day. Fortunately, my good days vastly outnumber the bad, so these pages only occasionally grew in number.

As I confidently pursue the next chapter of my journey I have been yearning to return to those founding ideas of wanting to inform and educate my audience via my experiences. Despite this I have been very unsure what I could share, careful not to overstep boundaries and burn bridges, I elected to postpone sharing some of my stories.

Soon I will venture west with my family in tow. It is there that I will be once again going under the knife, this time for major life-altering surgery. I am terrified and jubilant for the days to come.

This seems like a large step in my journey of self-discovery. Perhaps the largest I have taken to date.

I have wondered what it would be like to be on the other end of such a procedure for as long as I can recall. Though as a child I imagined it as more of a magical transformation rather than an expensive medical reality. Nevertheless, some of the magic remains.

I can’t wait to turn the page and move forward. 

Photo: Photo by from Pexels