One and a half and counting…

Here I am, two months older and seriously overdue for an update. So without further ado lets dive right in.

I had my follow up appointment on October 6th. Aside from a vitamin D deficiency (go figure), my blood results looked pretty good. My doctor also noted that my testosterone levels weren’t good for a natal male. She didn’t really delve into the details of that though, and simply stated that it wouldn’t be a problem for me since I would be taking testosterone blockers.

I left the office that day with four prescriptions, each with 5 refills. I promptly filled my prescriptions for Estradiol, Spironolactone, and Finasteride at my local Walmart. I also received a prescription for Progesterone, which I took to a compounding pharmacy on the south side of Las Vegas. This one took a little longer to fill, and was significantly more expensive than the equivalent I could have gotten at Walmart, but I wanted to ensure I received a bio-identical progestogen, rather than the more common synthetic progestin.

I took my first regimen of the hormones I picked up on Tuesday October 10th, and started taking Progesterone two days later.

I have been on HRT for nearly 7 weeks now. It’s weird how on the one hand it feels like time couldn’t be passing more slowly, but looking back it’s hard to believe it has been a month and a half already.

I haven’t really noticed to many changes yet, though there certainly have been some.

The most apparent change has been a drop in libido. The drop is drastic. While it isn’t gone, the ever omnipresent male libido is merely an annoyance of the past now. I’ll spare you the details… haha.

As for physical changes there hasn’t been anything drastic. I do feel as though the hair on my arms is lighter and growing in slower. Not sure I can say the same about the hair on my legs though.

I have also been noticing changes regarding my nipples. While I remain as flat chested as ever, I do believe my areolas have gotten slightly larger and perhaps a shade or two darker. Also the nipples themselve are larger and feel more rigid, with a firm ball forming underneath.

They are more sensitive and can hurt when touched. I would describe it almost as if they were bruised.

It also seems there has been some minor fat redistribution around my hips and butt. Nothing major, but my hips have a little cushion on them for the first time ever. I am seriously skinny, so my hips have always been quite bony.

Other than that I haven’t really noticed much. I am under the delusion that my male pattern baldness is reversing itself, but I think that is probably just in my head.

My doctor did explain to me that in terms of HRT, I am quite old. So I am unlikely to see the same sort of results as someone 10 or 15 years younger than me. So we will see how things go over the coming months, and years. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I have my next lab and doctor visit scheduled for March, though I might move those dates up a bit, if I can.